Hello there Blogsphere!  This is my first development blog, so be kind.

I find the blogs and other web resources invaluable.  This is my way of giving something back. (This inspired by the DotNetRocks podcast with Jeff Atwood about how developers should record their programming adventures for the enrichment of the development community…..I think it’s a great idea)

Just like other developers, I frequently find answers to problems that noone else on the net seems to have come up with, so I’ve decided to share.

My particular area of expertise at the moment is development on the pocket PC.    I’ve authored a few publically availble programs in this area, including Webby Mobile and PPCFinder.    During the development of these and other programs I have discovered a few things, which I’ll share.

If you’ve got questions about mobile development using the Compact Framework, feel free to drop me a line. 


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