PersPective Wiki


One of my favourite wiki programs is PersPective, an open source, based wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

The PersPective software itself is simple and elegant. PersPective stores all it’s data in xml files (another key selection criteria in the early days) utilizing a simple Xml schema. That means that the wiki is easy to backup, replicate and repair when the need arises. As a bonus, Alan Slater the author has always been helpful in extending Perspective In many cool ways. The releases of PersPective are of high quality and compatible, a tribute to Alan as a developer.

The extensibility of Perspective is also worth mentioning. It supports a facility called “Raw Includes” that allows new features to the wiki easily.  

If you’re after a good wiki, give it a try: 


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  2. Hi, I’m evaluating some wiki softwares developed with ASP and came across with Perspective.
    The issue is I can’t find study cases or sites which have implemented this software.
    Could you please help me finding some?

    Thanks in advance!



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