Webby 3.0 – The Best Mobile Web Browser on the Planet



WebbyProLogoA few people have asked me what the plans are for the new version of Webby.  This post documents a few thoughts for those who are interested.

My original intent with Webby was to create a mobile Web Browser that was:

  • easy to use
  • fast (native microbrowser support)
  • powerful (tabs, gesture recognition, extensions etc)

In each version, many new features were added, which I think people appreciated.

After reading “The Design of Everyday Things”, I think future developments should now be dedicated to the former category. 

In the past I think I have equated “easy to use” with copying the paradigms used in similar products.   In the case of Webby, copying the user experience of Pocket IE and desktop browsers.  (It’s so similar to Pocket IE that some people still think it’s some sort of Pocket Internet Explorer Addin) 

Perhaps I should be considering whether the user experience of those existing “standard” products is as “easy to use” as they need to be.

Additionally I believe the main reason people use webby it’s ability to have multiple “views” of a page using Microbrowser technology. 

The next version of Webby will provide a more intuitive experience, with even easier access to it’s most popular features (such as multiple page layouts).  A new feature will be to “remember” your preferred “layout” (renamed “view”)  of a site.


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  1. I think one of the most important things about a mobile browser since the significant bar raising by the iPhone’s version of Safari, is the slick full screen, zoom out, zoom in, smooth 30+ frames-per-second animated browsing feature.

    End-users love this.

    Engineers may see it as unnecessary or frivilous, however, engineers are not the target end-user. =)

    If you develop a browser that not only performs as well as Safari on the iPhone, but exceeds it, I would be completely willing to pay in excess of $30 for it.

  2. Full agree with Steven! Take a look on Safari from iPhone! I do think that what mobile users (PPC) need is a browser like that runing on Windows 6!

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