So what’s so good about the iPhone? (WebBrowser)


Why is web browsing the iPhone so cool then?  Well I can’t answer that question with certainty, as I don’t have access to an iPhone. 

But I’ve seen a few videos on the subject and will list my thoughts.  Feel free to post any things people feel really “make it”.

Powerful features to me are:

  • Thumb scrolling
  • Thumb zoom (seems awkward, but seems  to  work)
  • Strong animation support throughout to give an “organic” feel.  The animations are contextual and enhance the usability of the program.
  • Orientation awareness

I think all these features are intrinsic to the iPhone user experience and are not peculiar to safari.

Other interesting features:

  • Cool thumbable “multiple page” interface. (Tab substitute)
  • “Full Screen” mode  just seems to happen intuitively
  • Search field “appears” when url field is focused
  • I like the bookmarks “slide up”. Much smoother than traditional PPC menus.

I believe the “usability” of applications like this is going to be “expected” in the future.  Software developers will really have to take this seriously in order to  survive.

I still think Webby will still have much to offer, even in an iPhone world.  Stay posted.



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