Now and then you come across something special, something quite profound.

I usually resist the temptation to use this blog as a “link factory”, but I found another website that I just have to post about.

The website I’m refering to is “Scribd”.  Someone described it as doing for documents what Flickr did for photos.   

There are many thousands of documents on lots of different topics.  Mostly it’s rubbish, but there are some gems.

  What I find very interesting and cool about it however is the ability to download an mp3 computer-read version of the text.  This is generated using some sort of batch program on their servers.  It’s using a pretty good voice (in my opinion) as well.  Quite listenable.  (There’s even an online player)

I am always on the lookout for things to play on my Pocket PC whilst riding my bike, so I found it useful.


Scribd – The Site


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