PersPective Wiki Turns 3!


I have posted before about PersPective Wiki, a simple WYSIWYG wiki that to me seems to be one of the best. 

For some time the author Alan Slater has been working on a new version that promises features such as:

  • New look and feel
  • Fully hierarchical structure
  • Advanced editor, with following features:
    • Table editing
    • Paste & Clean content from MS Word
    • Modify text & background colors
    • Spell checker
    • Insertion of wiki links by browsing
    • Image map editing
  • Technical notes:
    • Database backend
    • Built in .Net 2.0
    • XHTML and CSS layout


Recently Alan has hosted the a version of the new software on his site  if you’d like to take a quick look.

Today he also made the Alpha available for download. 

Here’s a screenshot of the new editor:



(Click for more detail)


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