Visual Basic 9 for the Insane – An Introduction



Now don’t misunderstand me.  I am not implying that people who use VB.Net are crazy.  Far from it.   Some of the most grounded lunatics I’ve met use VB.Net regularly.  Some even use a computer at the same time.   I use VB.Net and every conversation I’ve had with myself so far has been erudite, interesting and mostly coherent. 

The truth of that matter is I wanted a catchy title for my series of articles on Visual Studio 2008.    Currently I’m attending a course in sunny Melbourne (or at least a it was a few minutes ago…now it’s raining….oh no it isn’t….) to learn about the new features of Visual Studio.  This is training in easy bite sized chunks, not insanity.

Temporary frustration at seeing yet another series of articles on VB9, soon to be replaced with rapture

As part of my learning process I thought I’d share my impressions and provide some tutorials on the functionality.    I intend to enlighten you with my account of LINQ to everything, anonymous types,  lambda’s and other strange animals. 

“Wait a minute!” you may say, “haven’t other people covered this information already?”

“Well yes” I reply, “there are some good overviews available (*This guy seems to be pretty good at it).  I intend however to provide concise examples in VB9!”

“I thought the VB Team published this in *their blog already” you say unconvinced.

“Well yes, that is true, but my examples will be even simpler!  I hereby announce my intent to provide the simplest, most drop-dead examples of the new VB9 language features in Visual Basic anywhere!”

“Well I have seen it all before” you say

“….and…and…and I’m going to do it all only using technologies available in .Net Compact Framework 2.0, using the retargetting feature of VS2008!”

“Really! That’s just swell!” you exclaim. 

You are now utterly convinced and start posting links to this blog everywhere. 

After doing this you start searching the main blog page searching for the PayPal “donate now” button repeatedly.  (You are insane after all)

Proof I am creating an insane sample project to justify my insane claims

Seriously though, I think it’s really cool that you can create Apps for your current target .net Framework version (ie 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5) and still take advantage of some of the languages.  Please send me a note if a feature I mention doesn’t work with 2.0 and I’ll be sure to annotate the article.

* I have the rare ability to be able to speak in hyperlinks

Go on to read the first article in the series:

Visual Basic 9 for the Insane – The rise and fall of “As” – Implicit Types


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