Notes in the Moonlight



I was listening to a recent interview with Miguel De Icaza.  I learnt some new things about Mono (the open source re-implementation of the .Net Framework for Linux)  that I thought I’d record here for posterity:

  • They’ll soon be shipping a version of Moonlight that’s equivalent to Silverlight 1.0 for Linux
  • Even the earliest version of Moonlight was able to run the rich Silverlight application “Top Banana”
  • Mono runs on “Open Moko”, the hackable Linux Based Phone
  • Moonlight contains a cut-down version of the Mono CLR and class libraries, just like Silverlight does.  This is done via using the “mono linker” process, which removes unused functions from libraries to create a leaner install.

An interesting idea Miguel talked about was creating a nice modern xaml-based interface to “Open Moko”.  The iPhone has certainly raised expectations about mobile user interface and Miguel suggests that using XAML could an enable for this.



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