Astonishing Silverlight 2 Facts


Shock astonishment and suprise at the revelations from Scott Gui about Silverlight 2.0

In case you’ve been under a rock, you’ll want to know that Scott Gu has posted about some specific features of Silverlight 2.0.  It’s an interesting post and well worth reading.

What’s also worth reading, that you might have missed, is Scott’s replies to questions in the very long contents section.

I think you’ll find these replies enlightening, so I reproduce them here for your perusal:

Cross Platform Support

>>>>>> Scott, so what about Linux? Silverlight could not fight with Flash now because of lack of Linux support. What are plans to make Silverlight really crossplatform?

All of the Silverlight 2 features will also be available on Linux.  We are partnering with Novell to build a compatible SL 2 implementation for Linux.

>>>>>>> Is there any information on Windows 2000 support for Beta 1?

Yes – Silverlight 2 supports Windows 2000 starting with Beta1.

>>>>>> When is silverlight coming for the mobile platform? Such as WM 6.0?

Silverlight will also be coming to mobile devices.  We’ll have more details on that in the future.

>>>>>> Great post, i’m really looking forward to Silverlight 2.  When Silverlight 2 is released will it be backwards compatible with applications built on top of Silverlight 1.0?

Yes, SL 2 is backwards compatible with SL 1 applications.

Cross Browser Support (Firefox, Opera and Safari!)

>>>>>> Any news on opera and safari windows support? I’m a diehard opera user and can’t view any silverlight apps yet. This also stops me from using silverlight yet, although I like it like 1000 times more than flash.

We are planning to support Opera and Safari on Windows in the future (they kinda work now – but we haven’t done a full test pass on them for beta1).  It is definitely something we are looking to-do in the future though.

>>>>>> Will this upcoming Silverlight Beta have support for Firefox 3.0 Beta 3?

FireFox 3.0 will be supported by SL 2 when it ships.  They recently changed how rendering works for plugins with their recent beta, and we know we have some issues with that with Beta1.  We’ll be fixing them in Beta2 though.

>>>>>> Thanks Scott for the quick response. One last question 🙂 Is UIAutomation going to work inside Firefox though? I mean can you access the UI element from within the Firefox parent window…

Yes, I believe so.  I think we support the standard Windows automation apis (which enable screen readers and testing automation for both IE and FireFox).

Unit Testing

>>>>>>>1a. How is unittesting supported?

We’ll be supporting a unit testing framework with Silverlight 2.  I’ll blog more details on this in the future.

>>>>>>>2a. How can we do coverage tests on client side?

We will have tools to capture code coverage.

Model View Controller

>>>>>>> 3. Will it be possible to use the MVC framework in any way along with SL code?

You could have your ASP.NET MVC views be SL based pages.  Silverlight’s WPF UI framework also supports pretty nice model/view separation, which enables you to decouple UI from state/data/actions.  This combined with the unit testing support enables a pretty clean way to-do TDD.

Designer Support

>>>>>> From the tutorials, it looks like there is no designer support (yet). Everything needs to be typed in.

We’ll be shipping designer support for Silverlight with Beta1 as well.  I’ll blog about this in the near future (I think you’ll like it <g>).


>>>>>>> Does it support simply chinese character? Silverlight doesn’t support.

Yes – SL 2 supports asian fonts and IME support.  It can also use the system fonts and doesn’t require font packages to be downloaded.


>>>>>> what happened to the DLR support from 1.1 that never really shipped.

The DLR is available for download today (and has been for several months), and can be used with full .NET Framework applications.  We’ll also have DLR support in Silverlight 2.0 Beta1.

Miscellaneous Cool Things

>>>>>>> You mention in the tutorial that some controls will need to be shipped in the ‘XAP’ file.  Will there be any provision to cache these files using some form of URL in the assembly resolver?  

Yes – you can partition your application into multiple .xap files.  They can then be cached at different levels of granularity if you want.

>>>>>> Scott, please confirm Silverlight 2.0 will support cross-domain access. Also, when is it going to be released?

Yes – SL 2 supports cross domain network access.  Tutorial #3 of my series above shows an example of it in action.

>>>>>> What will Silverlight 2 offer in terms of accessibility, e.g. AAA or Section 508 compatibility?

Silverlight 2.0 supports accessibility and will work with screen-readers.  You’ll be able to build Section 508 and AAA sites with it.



The original post : First Look at Silverlight 2 – ScottGu’s Blog

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