Give the "Gift of Text" by sending an SMS with VB.NET and Skype



Never underestimate the value (to some) of sending someone a note.  In my case, a note to my beloved is an excellent way of ensuring a happier homecoming.

Each note has to have an appropriately original sentiment, and be sent in a timely fashion.  Sometimes circumstances do not permit time for the creative effort required.   (Although I’ve heard that Generation Y can shoot of a text message faster than I just wrote the word faster…)

So why not queue up some appropriate messages and let my computer send one a day at the appropriate time?  Yes I’m sure you can think of plenty, but this is just an intro to a code sample….

So to send an SMS, all you need to do is install Skype and get a reference to the COM type library:



After this, the following code sample should be enough to get you in trouble:


Public Sub SendSMS(ByVal strNumber As String, ByVal strBody As String)
    Dim loSkype As New SKYPE4COMLib.Skype
    Dim loSmsMessage As SKYPE4COMLib.SmsMessage

    loSmsMessage = loSkype.CreateSms(SKYPE4COMLib.TSmsMessageType.smsMessageTypeOutgoing, strNumber)
    loSmsMessage.Body = strBody

    loSmsMessage = Nothing
    loSkype = Nothing

End Sub


Have fun!


Original VBA post by Conrad Sharry

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