Silverlight 2 has built in Unit Testing



As announced by Scott Guthrie in Mix08, and now on his blog, Silverlight 2 incorporates visual unit testing.  

One of the motivations for an MVC/MVP architecture for me is better unit testing of ui logic.  Sometimes it is very difficult to created automated visual tests for some platforms, such as Winforms. 

It appears (from the demo) that Silverlight allows pretty good testing of the actual user interface.    Probably more effective than testing ui logic with mock views.

Food for thought.  Perhaps this should affect the way we think about testing frameworks.

If you’re interested, take a look at this good (and short) video demo which gives you an overview of the whole thing:

Video walkthrough of the Silverlight 2 control unit tests – Jeff Wilcox



Open Source automation frameworks for Winforms and other Win32 Apps


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  1. The great promise of Silverlight is it makes it possible to perform Functional Programming on the GUI. i.e. no side effects. Although imperative style scripting is still possible, limiting side-effects should will mean good riddance to a whole class of UI bugs.

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