PPCFinder released


Isn't the PPCFinder dog just the cutest?


About a year ago we released the freeware Pocket PC search program PPCFinder.  This program has had literally thousands of downloads subsequently with only a single release.

I’m proud to announce the first public update of the program since it’s original release.  The maintenance release

The “backstory” of PPCFinder is a plane flight home from Sydney to Brisbane.  In the past I found the inbuilt Windows Mobile search completely inadequate.  The available freeware alternatives seemed unpleasant to use and the commercial ones seemed to be as an ajunct to filemanager functionality.    It was time to write my own….In only a few days, PPCFinder was born. 

PPCFinder is a simple program that still addresses an important need on the Windows Mobile Platform.  That is the need to find files, particularly large ones (the definition of “large” has changed since the default search application in Windows Mobile was created), in order to get extra memory.

PPCFinder gives you all the “advanced” search options available to the original Windows XP search, including the cute doggy mascot that I’m sure you find excellent.

If you need all this, give PPCFinder a go.

The full release notes for the new version are available at the forum.

If you are a fan, please leave a comment and let everyone know about it.

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  1. The “tap and hold” menu has several options that allow the path to be viewed, the relevant ones are:
    * Properties… (Which allows you to see the path)
    * Copy path to clipboard
    * Show Folder… (Probably the most useful)

    I decided not to show the path in the grid as there’s usually not enough room.

  2. What about a customizable column list such as in windows explorer so that a user could add folders only if needed ? I know there’s not much space but there is a horizontal scroll bar, too.
    Also the search options could be hidden when the search is started effectively doubling available space.

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