Sketchflow – “Duplicate” Bug





The Problem

At the moment I’m trialling Sketchflow for Expression Blend.  There’s an annoying bug that happens when you use the “Duplicate” action on a node:


If you use this action, sooner or later you’ll end up with this error:

‘InitializeComponent’ is not a member of ‘xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

This can be very frustrating if you are trying to advocate Sketchflow as a prototyping tool for non wpf savvy analysts.

The Workaround

The simplest workaround is to delete the code-behind file.  To do this, go to the project pane and choose “Delete”.



At first I tried hard to ensure that the xaml filenames and classnames were correct.  This just causes a cascading comedy of errors.

Upgrading Sketchflow prototype projects to real code is a pipe-dream at the moment.

If you know of a better way of handling this situation (and fixing the errors) more quickly, feel free to comment.  I just want get on with the prototyping.


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  1. Hi,
    I’m the engineering manager for SketchFlow. We have not heard of or seen this error in our testing and beta testing.

    I’m very interested in figuring out what is wrong.

    Can you send me your project?

    Regarding converting prototype projects to real code is not something that is done easily, or in many cases something you should do. I’d like to know more about what you would like to see.

    Bob Pappas

  2. Oh, actually I believe this is a known bug. But one that was discovered so late in the endgame we couldn’t take the fix.

    It happens only in VB SketchFlow projects. We mistakenly add namespace.classname to the newly duplicated file. VB doesn’t like the namespace.

    The workaround is to delete the “namespace.” from the new file and you are good to go.


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