Its time. I’m making a stand. MyNamingConventionManifesto.


Variable names, filenames and other technical names.  Hungarian notion, abbreviations, verbosity, camel case and mixed case.  How many of my projects have used mixtures of these conventions?  How often do I forget what abbrev I usd????





<rant>It is time to do away with inconsistency forever.  </rant>

I am happy to comply with the conventions of a language (eg in .net mixed case is used for public attributes and properties whereas camel case is used for parameters) or the conventions of an existing project, but if there isn’t any, MyNamingConventionManifesto comes into play.

The decisions are around:

CASE (Upper, Lower, Mixed or Camel Case) 

DELIMITER (None, Minus, Underscore or Space)



So, I hereby declare that my naming convention will not use prefixes or suffixes, neither will it use delimiters.  In short, this is:





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